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Welcome to the History of the Chevrolet Corvette

National Corvette Museum is a not-for-profit foundation with a mission of celebrating the invention of the Corvette; preserving its past, present and future; and educating the public about Corvette.
The Bay Area Corvette Club, Inc. (BACC) was established in February of 1970 as an NCCC member Corvette club. The club has focused on auto-crosses & rallies, participated heavily in concourses and car shows and also run for NCCC points. One thing is for sure, BACC has always enjoyed socializing with Corvette enthusiasts from all over the Tampa Bay area. .
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Harley Earl created a field that revolutionized the auto world and permanently changed the face of capitalism.

Corvette, how did GM and Chevrolet come up with the name? Most people say that it came from a World War II warship in the British Navy. A Corvette was a fast maneuverable, lightly armed sleek warship. A Corvette is fast, maneuverable and sleek automobile. It was a natural for the name. As a long time Corvette enthusiast I hope that you find this website entertaining as well as informative for past and present as well as future Corvette owners. I will be updating this site and adding new features as the time goes on. There will be photos of not only my Corvette, but photo's of many of my fellow Corvette owners that I know as well as historical Corvette photos.

The Corvette is known as an American Icon and because of that the Corvette has a huge following of faithful owners as well as those that dream of the day that they too will own one of these great sports cars. There is even a National Corvette Museum dedicated to the Corvette. It is located in Bowling Green Kentucky just across the street from the Corvette assembly plant. Thousands of visitors pass through the museum each year. Corvette owners are loyal to this icon and because of that there are many events held each year at the museum. A large group of Corvette owners belong to local and national Corvette clubs and organizations. Corvette clubs are in every state in the U.S. and that includes Alaska as well as Hawaii. You will find Corvette clubs not only in the U.S. but all of Canada as well as Europe, South America and down under in Australia. Corvette clubs are not all alike, some are a place for social gatherings some are geared more to performance while other are interested in preserving and maintaining the older generations but most combined all aspects such as the club I belong to, Bay Area Corvette Club. Many of the clubs are sponsored by Chevrolet dealerships as our club is sponsored by Dimmitt Chevrolet. However all the members of these clubs share one common interest and that is their love for the Corvette.

Corvette's are known by Corvette enthusiast by the generation number. That is to say what year ranges were they produced. The first Corvette produced in 1953 and every year until 1962 is known as the C1 generation. Currently the Corvette is in its sixth generation or what we call the C6. The next generation is expected to be unveiled with much anticipation in 2014 and it of course will be called the C7.

The Corvette also has a great history as a world class race car therefore, you will find located here a section devoted exclusively to that rich racing history. Along the same line, I will also cover some of the racing events that involve the Corvette, such as the American LeMans Series and the FIA GT1 World Championship Series among others.

Last but surely not least, the Corvette is known throughout the world as a world class sports car without the price tag that goes along with a title such as that. All anyone needs to do is look at the Corvette ZR1 and how it performs compared to the European exotic's. Chevrolet has stuck to the original goal of the Corvette for nearly 60 years. Even though the Corvette has gone through five complete generations and in currently in their sixth generation, with generation seven looming on the horizon it has always reminded a true sports car. While other auto manufacturers may have started with a sports car, they failed to stick with that plan. Throughout this site we will explore that venture that made Corvette remain as a true two seater sports car. I will try and explain each generation and how each generation evolved and improved from one year to the next and from one generation to another. As new model years come about I will be up dating this site as well as updating the racing section.

The Corvette came to life on June 30, 1953, that is the date that the first Great American Sports Car was assembled in Flint Michigan. Actually it all started in 1951 when Harley J. Earl, GM's chief designer began thinking of an open cockpit two-seater sports car. Although the Corvette was the brainchild of Harley Earl, he handed his ideas over to Robert F. McLean and the first concept car was made. The Concept car was originally to be just that a concept car for the 1953 Motorama in New York City. Well we all know what happen to that idea. It was such a hit with a GM Chief Engineer by the name of Ed Cole that it went into production for the 1953 model year. The first years production line was actually not done on a true GM assembly line, but rather in a section of a customer delivery garage. In reality for a sports car as we know of them today this was a far cry, with its inline six-cylinder rated at 150 HP and coupled to a 2 speed Powerglide.

Now sit back an enjoy a short video on Corvette history